Removing Popcorn Ceilings

Removing Popcorn Ceilings Gives a Sleek, Modern Look The popcorn ceiling may have been the height of interior fashion for a number of years, it has fallen out of style today. Not only does it give the home a dated look, but they are difficult to paint and maintain. Before you get up there to[…]

A BIG “Thank You!” From The Gonic School Community Playground restoration project

Sending out a BIG “Thank You!” to Nick DeVuono & his crew from DeVuono Painting and our neighborhood Sherwin-Williams… Posted by Gonic School PTA Playground Committee on Tuesday, July 7, 2015 The Gonic School Community Playground restoration project has been a heartfelt community wide labor of love. DeVuono Painting offered such an amazing service at the[…]

How Do You Choose Exterior Paint Colors?

Most people reading this might give me a strange look for talking about exterior painting right now. After all, it seems like winter has no plans to move on any time soon!

But, the reality is, spring is making a slow march toward us, and before you know it exterior painting season will be in full bloom (see what I did there?). It never hurts to be prepared, so why not give some thought to your exterior paint color options now? […]

Interior Painting Tips – Choosing Paint for Your Closet

When you think of choosing interior colors and painting your home, projects involving spaces like your living room, dining room, or kitchen probably come to mind first. After all, these rooms hold a ton of stylistic value. Plus, they get the most “air time,” so to speak, and enjoy being the focal point of painting and design-related magazines, websites, and blogs.

Here’s an interesting question: have you ever considered what kind of paint might be best to use in your closet?


DeVuono Painting – Best of Houzz for 2015!

best of houzz-winning nh painting companyOn a normal basis, the way that the quality of our work as a painting company is affirmed is through positive reviews from our clients, and through the satisfaction we get from knowing that every job we do is done well. After all, we have standards and procedures that we stick to on every project site.


Choosing and Preserving Your Bathroom’s Paint

Bathrooms have really come into their own in recent years. No longer just “the second door down the hall on the left,” they are one of the chief selling points of the home. Because of this value, more and more homeowners are turning their bathroom into a real retreat; a quiet, secluded spot where at the end of a long day you soak in a hot bath or rinse your stress down the drain in your walk-in shower.


5 Tips for Cutting In and Detail Painting

There’s no denying that interior painting is fun. Some might disagree, but we certainly think it is. And, if you ever have watched fresh, gleaming colors sweep over a tired surface, you probably know why we do.

In all reality though, there are a lot of tough aspects to completing a quality painting project. It certainly isn’t as simple as choosing a color, grabbing a brush, and watching a beautiful result unfold. It’s an art, really, and one that takes time, practice, and experience to master. […]

Color Psychology and Choosing the Best Paint for Your Space

choosing interior colorsWe’ve all walked down the mile or two of color swatches at the local paint supply store… Isn’t it amazing how many different shades, hues, and sheens there are? Gone are the days when green was green and yellow was yellow…

So, when faced with the decision of what colors to choose for your next interior painting project, what do you do? […]