Choosing and Preserving Your Bathroom’s Paint

Bathrooms have really come into their own in recent years. No longer just “the second door down the hall on the left,” they are one of the chief selling points of the home. Because of this value, more and more homeowners are turning their bathroom into a real retreat; a quiet, secluded spot where at the end of a long day you soak in a hot bath or rinse your stress down the drain in your walk-in shower.

With there being such a focus on bathroom improvement, a lot of folks are starting by updating the interior paint. After all, painting your bathroom makes a huge stylistic difference in a relatively short amount of time! Before you do, however, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

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What Is the Best Bathroom Paint for You?

Because it’s a unique space, your bathroom’s paint faces unique challenges!

  • Choose the right gloss for the job – Since the walls need to withstand scrubbing, drying (especially if you have a dog who likes to shake after a bath!), and the wear and tear that goes with a high-traffic area, use a semi-gloss paint. High-gloss is even more durable, but it also will show any and all imperfections in the surface.

  • What kind of paint does your bathroom need? – If you have a half-bath (no tub or shower), then there is most likely no need for using a specialized paint. If it’s a full bath, on the other hand, and you like your showers steamy, it can be very worthwhile to invest in a mold and mildew-resistant formula.

  • Ventilation – Your bathroom needs to be able to breathe. If you don’t have a window, make sure that you have a high-quality, powerful ventilation fan. If you don’t, all of the steam becomes trapped and can lead to mold and mildew issues, as well as compromise your paint’s good looks and longevity.

  • Lighting – There are so many fixtures and elements at work in your bathroom, creating shadows and dark corners. Bright lights will not only help you to floss more efficiently in the morning, but it also will make your new paint look smooth and bright.

Do You Need Help with Your Home Painting Project?

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