Color Psychology and Choosing the Best Paint for Your Space

choosing interior colorsWe’ve all walked down the mile or two of color swatches at the local paint supply store… Isn’t it amazing how many different shades, hues, and sheens there are? Gone are the days when green was green and yellow was yellow…

So, when faced with the decision of what colors to choose for your next interior painting project, what do you do?

A lot of people would consider what colors they like, or what would flow well with the overall design and style of their home or business. And, those are good ideas! But, if we take things just a little deeper we start to dig into the fascinating concept of color psychology.

Color Psychology – Strategically Choose Your Colors

The fact of the matter is, colors interact with our brains triggering a variety of different responses (sometimes totally subconsciously!). Based on the goals you have for your space, you can select colors that will help you to be more successful. To better explain what we mean, take a look at the following colors/families of color and the response they can elicit:

  • Red – Intensity! Red kicks not only the brain into gear, but even has been shown to raise heart-rates! Because of this, why not use it as an accent color? After all, a little intensity is good, but too much can wear you down.
  • White – While too much white is boring, it can be used strategically. White absorbs and reflects light, while also creating an illusion of more space than is actually there, so why not use it in darker and more confined areas?
  • Orange and Yellow – These particular colors tend to elicit a lot of enthusiasm, but also shouldn’t be overbearing.
  • Natural Colors – The deeper, calming nature of earthier tones can be a great compliment to the primary colors. They also tend to tone down their effect.
  • Green – Like the natural colors, green is very calming and reminiscent of nature.
  • Brown – Strong, conventional, and peaceful, but also sometimes can cause you to feel isolated.

If you are painting a home office, why not choose something that will boost creativity? If you want a quiet reading nook, maybe a more subdued and calming color scheme would be best.

We Can Help!

If you have questions about either our services or the details of your next painting project, we hope you’ll contact us at DeVuono Painting. It would be our pleasure to help however we can, brightening your world with fresh, vibrant color.

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