April 10, 2014

Considerations for Exterior Paint

Exterior paint comes in many forms and even more colors. Here are some common tips for preparing for exterior painting.

All types of exterior paint fall into three basic categories: latex water-based, oil-based and primer. The purpose of primer is to be applied to the exterior of the home before paint in order to prevent the paint from chipping or peeling. Latex water-based paint is the most common, perhaps because it dries fast and can be cleaned with soap and water rather easily. Oil-based paint has a strong odor and takes longer to dry than latex water-based, but can be cleaned with mineral spirits.

The type of surface being painted will generally determine the best paint to use; trim and metal siding, for example, call for different types than brick, vinyl and wood.

To determine the amount of paint needed, the height and length of all sides that will be painted should be measured. The square footage will be calculated by multiplying the two measurements. Then, the total is divided by the coverage rate of the can of paint to determine how much paint will be needed. For insurance, it’s recommended to add 10% more to the suggested amount to cover any miscalculations or paint spills.

Exterior Paint Considerations | 603-969-6364 | DeVuono PaintingAfter taking an inventory of supplies, a list should be made of the items that are lacked, as well. Paint that is older than its time-frame recommends should never be used.

When a good, strong coat of paint has already been applied, primer is not always necessary. This can be tested by sprinkling some water onto the particular area; if the water soaks in, priming is highly recommended. Beaded water suggests it isn’t entirely necessary unless homeowners are switching from a light color to a dark one, or vice versa.

Finally, weather should always be taken into account. Ideally, exterior painting should be done between 60-degree and 90-degree weather, and autumn is considered the best time to do so. Above all, it should never be done when rain is in the forecast!

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