March 20, 2014

Estimating Your Paint Job

Paint Job Estimate | 603-969-6364 | DeVuono PaintingOne of the questions we receive most frequently at DeVuono Painting is “how much will this paint job cost?” We know that receiving an accurate estimate is important to you, and making sure you receive no surprises is important to us.

Consequently, there are several factors we take into consideration when calculating your initial quote. Some of the most common factors influencing your cost include:

  • Area

The surface area of the walls determines the amount of paint and the number of hours required to complete the paint job. If you do not already know the square footage of your room, you can calculate it by multiplying the length of each wall by its height, minus the area of the doors or windows. Multiply this by the number of coats required (a minimum of 2) to get the total square footage.

  • Room Height

Standard rooms can be painted from the floor with a roller brush. But if you have tall or vaulted ceilings, a ladder may be required, which increases the difficulty and speed with which a project can be completed. To receive the most accurate quote possible, have your ceiling height ready upon your initial call.

  • Current Paint Job

If you wish to go from a dark to a light color, more coats will be required, increasing the amount of paint and hours of labor. A lesser known fact is that textured walls also require more paint, since they absorb up to 10% more than smooth walls.

  • ComplexityInterior Painting | DeVuono Painting

Is it one color or two? A solid color or a complex texture? An artisian, suede, parchment, or other faux finish requires more skill, time, and paint than a flat color, but can also lend incredible character to your room. Make this decision before you hire your painter to receive an accurate quote.

DeVuono Painting offers detailed quotes based on over ten years of professional experience. You can receive a free quote on your project by filling out the form on our website or by calling us.

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