When Does the Exterior Painting Season End?

when does painting season endThis time of year, as the leaves change and start to pile around the edges of your home, you might start to think through the projects that are leftover from the summertime. Let’s face it: not many summer to-do lists are significantly shorter by the time fall rolls around. But that’s okay! What is summer for, right?

Is there an exterior painting project on that leftover list? If so, you might be eying your calendar and thermometer as you wonder: when does the painting season end? Is it getting too cold to paint?

How Late In the Year Can You Paint?

Here are a few ideas to keep in mind when it comes to your exterior painting timeframe:

  • The best temperature for exterior paint – Like most tools and home improvement supplies, paint has gotten a bit more advanced and forgiving with age. It is important to check the specific details that your brand of choice offers, but some higher quality exterior paint brands boast “safe painting” temps as low as 37 degrees!

  • Exterior painting and moisture – Ideally, the siding of your home should be dry when you paint for the very best adhesion and a smooth application. In places that do not have very warm springs, this actually means that spring is not always ideal. It can be best to let the siding dry in the sun thoroughly once the snow and sleet of winter is long gone.

Also, as a general rule of thumb, painting during a time of year when there is a large temperature fluctuation isn’t a good idea. You siding will expand and contract with the rise and fall of your thermometer, and this causes easily avoided, dangerous stress to be placed on your fresh paint.

Do You Need a Professional Painting Company?

If you have any questions about your interior or exterior painting goals, we hope you might contact us at DeVuono Painting! We would love to put our services to work for you!

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