Faux Painting Ideas

Faux Painting Ideas

Faux painting, considered an art by some, consists of a variety of painting methods meant to replicate the appearances of materials such as marble, metal, stone or wood for aesthetic value. If you hope to brighten up some bare walls in your home, faux finishes are an excellent idea.

Consider your most-loved materials and fabrics; there are countless sources of inspiration for faux finishes. Consider your favorite designs, be they fabrics, textiles or color patterns, and visualize their transfer onto your walls. Much is possible, so keep your options open!

Faux Painting Ideas | 603-969-6364 | DeVuono PaintingPatterns are common in faux painting, but smaller patterns are generally more suitable. Denim painting techniques are a good example; these can be done by dragging a small brush horizontally and vertically to create a crisscross pattern to emulate denim’s appearance.

Believe it or not, your ceiling can also be an excellent place for faux painting to add color and texture to a room. It may seem like a daunting task, and it certainly can be for the average homeowner, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local painting contractor for both advice and assistance.

For adding texture to bare walls, “fresco” is a simple yet popular technique involving a combination of joint compound and tint, and painting contractors are entirely familiar with the technique.

Of all the various types of faux painting and finishes, artisan finishes are among the most popular. They generally emulate the appearances of marble and stone, but are perfectly applicable to wood or drywall. They also present an interesting feature: the paint’s hues and shades can actually appear to change depending on different types of lighting. Sunlight at different times of the day, then, can also be taken into account. Artisan finishes come in many varieties to choose from, including decorative, natural and rustic.

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