April 29, 2013

Hiring a Licensed Painter

Why is it necessary I hire a licensed professional painter? Can’t a regular painter do the same job?

To be blunt, no. There are a lot of safety, health and financial issues you can encounter if you don’t hire the right painter for the job. We’ll start with the importance of safety.

Safety Issues

Painters are constantly working in hazardous environments. When dealing with ladders, dust, paints and solvents, there are a lot of issues that can arise. Hiring a professional means you’ll not only get higher quality work but you also won’t have to worry about any safety hazards in your home.

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Health Issues

Many homes built before 1980 have lead-based paint in at least 1 of the older coats. This is not something you want to risk leaving in your home. A professional painter and licensed painting contractor has been trained to deal with hazardous materials like this in order to protect the home owner. Once again, lead-based paint can be very toxic and only a licensed contractor should be handling issues like this.

Other Hazardous Materials and Cleanup

Much like with the handling of lead-based paint, there are certain procedures to follow for cleaning up hazardous painting materials. Hiring a contractor who has been trained and licensed to properly dispose of these materials means that you won’t have to worry about paint residues and other leftovers.


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