Interior Painting Tips – Choosing Paint for Your Closet

When you think of choosing interior colors and painting your home, projects involving spaces like your living room, dining room, or kitchen probably come to mind first. After all, these rooms hold a ton of stylistic value. Plus, they get the most “air time,” so to speak, and enjoy being the focal point of painting and design-related magazines, websites, and blogs.

Here’s an interesting question: have you ever considered what kind of paint might be best to use in your closet?

Believe it or not, your closet’s colors (and the kind of paint you use) can be strategically chosen to both increase the efficiency of the space and make it a valuable addition to your room’s overall style.

closet painting tips for NH

Which Is the Best Color and Sheen for Your Closet?

  • Using light paint colors – If you are the kind of person who picks the outfit of the day right out of your closet, fumbling through your shirts or ties in the early morning hours, a lighter interior color is a good choice because it increases clarity and visibility. Choose a higher-gloss paint, too! It’s durable, standing up to bumps and gouges. And, because it is a more reflective option, it will maximize the light inside the space.

  • Using darker colors – This is a great option if you would prefer to obscure the items in your closet. In other words, if it is well-used, or in a public space where you don’t want the contents to stand out brightly when the door is open.

  • Matching the surrounding color – Is your closet large, like maybe a walk-in style? If so, matching it to your bedroom’s wall color in order to help it simply blend and flow makes a lot of sense.

  • Choose your sheen – Remember, satin or flat sheens may seem attractive because they are very forgiving and cover wall blemishes easily, but they also are quick to show their age. In a space where items are nearly constantly being bumped, moved, and reorganized (especially during spring cleaning!), a tough, higher-gloss paint is a good investment.

Are You Looking for a Reputable NH Painting Company?

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