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Because of the nature of our line of work, we get to see a lot of unique home painting projects. That’s part of the fun of what we do! The variety is nearly endless. Recently we had a chance to finish an interior painting project alongside Amy Parker from Parker House Designs. This was a particularly fun one because it was a surprise for the client’s daughter.

The only catch was that we needed to wrap the project up, start to finish, inside of one day.

The process involved sanding the walls, patching where needed, two coats of paint, and hanging wallpaper. We were excited about the color selection and the design strategy that Amy came up with. All in all, we thought that it worked very well together, creating a warm, modern design scheme, but with a splash of classy, timeless styling.

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Whether your particular interior painting project is a whirlwind surprise or a slower, strategic part of your mission to give your home a fresh look, we hope you might consider contacting us at DeVuono Painting. We would love to put our services to work for you!

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