Kitchen Painting and Transformation in Dover, NH

Color psychology is a fascinating topic! Some colors make us feel relaxed, some alert, others comfortable and at home. Knowing yourself and what colors impact you, and in what way, should be a big part of your interior painting planning process.

Did you know that yellow is a “happy color”?

It makes sense; yellow is warm, bright, oftentimes soft and calming as well. We recently had the opportunity to refresh and revitalize a yellow kitchen for a client in Dover, NH. She liked the yellow that was already in her kitchen, but knew that it wasn’t quite the right yellow for her.

We patched, sanded, and primed her kitchen walls, and then got to work applying two coats of super scrub eggshell paint from California Paints, specifically in a shade called Lightning Bug. It was a bit brighter than her original color, which in turn warmed the space even more. After a coat of paint to the ceiling and trim as well, this particular kitchen looked fresher and brighter; exactly what this homeowner was looking for!

Do You Need a Professional Painter?

We love to watch homes transform, especially through the right choice and best application of interior paint! Do you need help with a home painting project? We hope you might consider contacting us at DeVuono Painting, and letting us put our services to work for you!

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