Metal Treatment and Painting in Dover, NH

New England isn’t known for being kind to anything left out in the elements. Your paint and siding is put through everything from wind, moisture, and piled snow during the winter to baking heat in the summer, making exterior painting and repair an integral part of maintaining your property.

And, if you’re wondering what can happen to metal materials around your home or business, you don’t need to look any further than your car. For some reason folks don’t seem quite as excited to find one of those great “northern cars” as we are to find one from the south that hasn’t lived through salt and snow…

Preparing and Painting Metal

A little while back we were asked to breathe new life into a metal ramp in Dover, NH. We are ready and equipped for this kind of work as well as more traditional interior and exterior painting, so we got right to it.

  • Surface Prep – This is a crucial first step for any painting endeavor. This prep work specifically involved grinding off all the rust and old, loose paint.
  • The Right Material for the Job – We didn’t want to just fix the problem temporarily, but to really dress this ramp with the best material to meet its needs. This came in the form of Sherwin Williams’ Direct to Metal, which includes a rust inhibitor.

  • Top Coat – As a final step, we used a high-gloss, enamel finish to add another layer of protection, as well as a quality shine.

Do You Need a Professional Painting Company?

Why not contact us at DeVuono Painting? We are a reputable, NH painting company with over a decade of experience meeting residential and commercial needs. It would be a pleasure to help with your next painting project!


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