November 20, 2015

Painter For A Day

Introducing Our

Painter For A Day Service

(Because Sometimes It Just Nice To Have Someone Else Take Care Of It.)

Just about everyone has those little painting projects that you’ve been meaning to get to but just can find the time – or the desire.

Our Painter for a Day Service is a simple, easy and affordable way to knock those projects off your “I’ll get around to it” list.

Why do people love this service?

  • You simply supply the paint, point at what you’d like painted and we’ll take it from there. (we will help with selecting the right paint for your project)

  • We supply a professional, experienced painter(s), all the supplies (commercial grade filler, caulking, tape, brushes, rollers, plastic coverings, etc…), and painting equipment needed.
  • You’ll have no mess to clean up.  We take care of all that.
  • You choose a full day (7.5 hours of painting for $425), or 2 painters for a full day (7.5 hours of painting for $795).
  • Done In a Day Guarantee– If we guarantee we will complete your residential or commercial painting project in one day and we cannot meet this guarantee, we will deduct 10% from your original contract amount.   If your painting project cannot be realistically completed in one day due to sheer size or complexity, we will tell you up front.