March 20, 2014

Painting Your New Home

deck painter in RochesterGenerally speaking, people are satisfied with the exterior of their home when they purchase it. The interior, however, is different story, because this is the part of the house a person is exposed to day after day. Many new homeowners repaint before they even move in, while others make plans to do so soon after.

If you are one of these new homeowners, what are some things you need to consider?

First of all you should give careful thought to your color scheme. A well-planned color palette not only takes into account the walls themselves, but also how they will coordinate with existing furniture, carpeting, and adjacent rooms. You should also consider the size and purpose of the room, using light colors to open up a small room and bright colors to energize areas of frequent activity, such as the kitchen and family room.

The second thing you need to calculate is how much paint it will take to cover the walls. This not only depends on the size of the room, but also on the texture of the walls and how many coats it will take to cover the existing paint.

Next you need to make an allowance in your budget for expendable items, such as painter’s tape, and drop cloths. You should also budget your time, since painting new home can be a lengthy project. Or, if you prefer, we can give that time back to you, by taking care of the entire painting process or through our “Painter for a Day” program, where we help you finish your work quickly and efficiently.

How Do I Stop Peeling Paint | DeVouno PaintingThe process of transforming your new home can be a rewarding experience, and DeVuono Painting can help you get there faster. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, in addition to having an “A” rating from the BBB of New Hampshire.

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