Where Do You Get Your Interior Paint Ideas

 Where Do You Get Your Interior Paint Ideas

Taste and Life Style

Interior painting of a house is not confined to only the walls. Certain pieces of furniture and cabinetry also join the overall landscape of the interior of a home. The ideas for color schemes and the placement of the colors is an aspect of design and taste. Furthermore, the color scheme of the interior of a house should reflect the lifestyle of the individual or family that lives there.

An Example of Taste

For example the TV show “The Munster’s.” their house appeared as haunted and over grown with scary looking bushes and trees. It was direct reflection of their lifestyle. Lily, the wife, was a vampire, Eddie, the child a werewolf and Herman Munster were created on a laboratory table. Albeit, that may be an extreme example, nevertheless, it shows how a house reflects the owner. When it comes to arriving at ideas for the interior paint of a house, the best way to begin is to look at what others have done.

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An Example of Technique

Sometimes using a faux texture to cover furniture or cabinets can add that needed luster to a home. Other times using this same idea on the walls can give the look of a wood or a plaster finish. It all depends on the technique used to apply the paint. Using certain techniques with single color paint can add depth and shade to a room. One technique is to use different size sponges to add texture to an already smooth wall. This gives the wall and the room the appearance of depth without actually putting extra material on the wall itself.

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