May 1, 2014

Wood Floor Refinishing

Wood Floor Refinishing

Wood floor refinishing takes both planning and appropriate preparation. Whether homeowners are enlisting the service of professional house painters or taking on a small project themselves, he/she should always be familiar with a few steps.

As with all home improvement projects at any skill level, finding the right painting contractor is essential. Any job that is not in the hands of skilled professionals, especially a larger one, is a disaster waiting to happen. Homeowners cannot afford to leave them in the hands of anyone who isn’t properly qualified to execute them; it will only result in more costs added onto the original project.

Wood Floor Refinishing | 603-969-6364 | DeVuono PaintingIf a homeowner wants his/her floor refinishing project to be completed in a single job, it may be a good idea to stay somewhere else until it’s complete. There are a few common reasons for this, including: large amounts of “fine dust,” even if the all openings are sealed-off well; large pieces of furniture being moved either out of the house or just from room to room; odors from polyurethane or staining materials, which may persist for days; and, finally, the time required or the trim to cure. Most floors are usable within twenty-four hours of sealing, but full curing from start to finish will take weeks.

On average, floor refinishing jobs take between three and five days, although the specific duration will depend on a few factors, including: how much refinishing is required; the speed of the painting contractors; the extent of damage or wear to the previous floor; and the homeowner’s exact specifications.

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